Hello there, friends!

worgg in brogress :^D

Ok so, I’m going to attempt to be as upfront about this blog as humanly possible. This is all going to sound incredibly schizo(typal), but that’s ok! Being a raging mentally ill sperg, is ok! So long as you strive to get better, imo. Don’t be that one chick/dude, you know what I’m saying? Live and let live, all that gud shid.

Anyways I am already on a tangent. If you get triggered uninronically by weird shit, don’t read this blog. Half of this will come off as elaborate sadomasochistic torture porn ...because it is and I need to vent, ok? Ok. (Acting out violence in fantasy is cathartic and I am not an axe-wielding lunatic in actuality... I use a multitool for self-defense!) My biggest fetishes are handholding and sleeping next to someone you actually love.

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